When looking for a new home, many buyers have a list of “must have’s” and “can’t stand’s” that they consult. This list is typically populated with items such as the ideal number of bedrooms and bathrooms, garage size, acreage of yard, and reputation of the school district. However, as of the early 2000’s, a new set of priorities started emerging that put the focus primarily on increasing health and longevity. This trend is referred to as wellness real estate.


Defining Wellness Real Estate 

As our world continues to evolve and technology grows to offer more and more simple solutions to complex problems, scientists and doctors are also noticing a significant uptick in sedentary-related diseases along with other physical and mental health issues. These challenges are prompting many to begin looking for solutions, starting in their own backyard.

Wellness real estate is a holistic approach to home and community design. It reminds us that our communities, neighborhoods and homes can be created with the primary goals being increasing longevity, improving quality of life and embracing health.


Can the Right Home (& Community) Improve your Life?

The truth is that the right home and community can indeed improve your life! Neighborhoods and homes can be created with a variety of considerations that give their residents daily access to more healthy lifestyle choices. Some examples of these considerations include:

  • Green space
  • Bicycle lanes
  • Public walking paths and wooded trails
  • More accessible options for in-home air and water purification systems and renewable energy sources
  • Recreational programming to educate and grow all ages
  • Community gardens and farmers markets
  • Limited noise pollution

Green Mountain Farm believes that one of the most powerful resources we can offer ourselves is access to a life free from modernity’s unwanted sound in our chaotic digital age. This wellness community in NC was designed from square one to be an environment that is conducive to mindful wellness. Read our blog on the incredible health benefits of life in a quiet community to learn more!


Build Well. Live Well.

Wellness Real Estate WNC

A long life is not worth much without the health to enjoy it. The wellness community of Green Mountain Farm is a one-of-a-kind, 365-acre Blue Ridge Mountain living community in Western North Carolina. This private and natural setting allows homeowners to get away from the chaotic world and live a peaceful lifestyle. Call today to schedule a tour of our homesites and begin living your best life now!

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