A few years into our time on Green Mountain Farm, we began to notice a couple of Ravens hanging around periodically at the clubhouse cabin pond and cave.

My first reaction was…oh man, will there be no end to the intruders of our peaceful sanctuary! But as with the coyotes and other citizens of Green Mountain Farm I’ve adopted the mindset of live and let live as long as the creature is not a real threat to us and ours.

A Little About Ravens

This pair of large birds have uniformly glossy black plumage, long, heavy bills, and long wedge-shaped tails. The bases of their neck feathers are gray. Thick and shaggy feathers cover their throats. They frequently soar, engaging in a variety of aerial acrobatics, sometimes even turning upside down.

As our experience moved forward over time, we discovered that this pair of Ravens are lifetime mates. They return to Green Mountain Farm every year in early spring to build a nest on the ledge inside the pond cave and bring their new generation of young into the world.

As of the date of this writing, we think the young have just been hatched. On our nightly walk last night, Brywn heard sounds coming from the cave that were not those of the adults. Monkey-like mutterings.

An Annual Tradition – Wellness Community NC

Soon we will be witnessing Raven’s Roost flight school, which is quite a sight to see. Afterwards, around the beginning of the summer months, the new Raven generation will leave. Mother and father will also take a leave of absence from the Raven’s Roost cave. I’m not sure where they go, but we’ll see them now and then until next February or March when they start all over again.

We look forward to their annual return with great anticipation and reverence. They have become part of our lives, stakeholders in this grand scheme.

Today they are a comfort to me whenever I see them fly past. It seems so strange now that I could have ever considered them a nuisance.