The last royal governor of North Carolina, Josiah Martin, once said, “The magic in new beginnings is truly the most powerful of them all.”

With our youngest soon off to college, it is with mixed emotions that we announce our new beginning: Green Mountain Farm is now for sale in its entirety. It is time to find a new steward for this peaceful place.

We were first enchanted by the promise of Green Mountain Farm on a hot August afternoon in 2007. We hiked all day to explore this gorgeous place that held some kind of wonder…box turtles, mountain streams, rock outcroppings, a pond and cave….at every turn. Spending the day in Appalachian beauty left us with a soothing hum of comfort – as if our bodies had reawakened to themselves and to the natural world all around us.

We have always been aware of visual beauty, but this place also inspired us to preserve the beauty of its sounds, its silence, its resplendent elegance. With attention and care we built structures, roads, bridges, underground utilities…the list goes on.

After 15 years, we are thankful that Green Mountain Farm is embedded in us. This quiet beauty has found its way inside our everyday lives. The rhythm of tending animals and gardens is priceless. Turning at the sound of a raven’s wing-beats, or a hummingbird’s approach is a pleasure all souls ought to experience. Nothing in life can quite transform the human soul like daily exposure to forests and streams, a star-filled sky and nurturing mountains.

To learn more about this incredible opportunity, please view our official listing (and feel free to share with your friends and neighbors). Some of the incredible features of our slice of heaven include:

  • 315 Acres
  • Breathtaking views of the WNC Mountains
  • Main home (4 bed and 3/2 bath) AND Guest House
  • Hiking and horseback riding trails
  • Streams and a natural waterfall
  • Much, much more!


With every fiber of our beings, we thank you for your interest over the years and hope you too have peace and quiet to carry within you, no matter where you are.


Wishing you deep peace,

Brywn and Ben Philips