Life at our Wellness Community NC


I think we can all agree that time spent outdoors makes us feel better. You smell the fresh air, feel the sun on your shoulders, hear the birds singing and take in the sights of wildlife. What’s not to love? Imagine waking up in a beautiful quiet community surrounded by nature every single day. It’s life-changing in so many ways!

Here at Green Mountain Farm, a wellness community just outside Asheville, North Carolina, we strive to build homesites that take advantage of the lush natural surroundings. Not only are the Blue Ridge Mountains breathtaking, but this area is prime real estate for any home buyer! Let’s get into some of our favorite perks to living amongst nature.


Active Lifestyle – Focused on Health and Wellness

Many relocate to Western North Carolina for the outdoor activities. We have some of the best hikes, bike trails, rafting rivers and picturesque mountain views in the United States. The allure of nature makes us want to get out and explore it! When you live in a beautiful natural setting like Green Mountain Farm, it’s easy to take that morning or afternoon stroll and enjoy the sprawling landscape and sweeping views. In our opinion, outdoor activities are the best kind of exercise!


Experience Quiet

One of our all-time favorite benefits to living amongst nature is the sound of silence! If you’ve ever lived in a city setting, it’s a common occurrence to use fans or other noise diffusers to drown out car horns, sirens and general neighborhood noise. When you live amongst nature at our wellness community in North Carolina, you will enjoy the peace and quiet that nature has to offer.


You Might Even Live Longer

According to science, living near nature is actually better for your physical and mental health. A study done at the University of East Anglia in 2018 shows that people who live in “greener” areas experience positive health benefits such as improved mental health, social engagement, physical health benefits and reduced stress. You could say that time spent amongst nature is the best medicine!


Life at Our Unique Wellness Community NC

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to build your dream home in a quiet nature setting in Western North Carolina? We welcome you to tour Green Mountain Farm homes and secluded property today. We are excited to show you around this beautiful mountain gated community.


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